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Leaders...Your #1 Skill is Flexibility

In the midst of #coronavirus chaos, companies are scrambling to support their teams in new ways. Leaders are having to make some interesting decisions to enable more flexible ways of work.

For a lot of companies, this means putting remote work options in place. Suddenly, meetings are virtual, cloud storage is critical, and internet connections are being tested all over the map.

But there are more factors at play here than just enabling people to be productive from home.

Even for parents who can work at home, with many schools shut down, their kids are home, too — making work inefficient at best. Some families now have two parents working from home in a small space. And for some people, working at home is simply not an option.

Broad, sweeping policies don’t work when there are so many possible individual scenarios. For a lot of the companies and leaders I work with, flexibility seems to be the most important skill right now.

Leaders must loosen the reins on the usual policies and culture in order to keep the spirit of work alive in their organizations. Being adaptable is perhaps the #1 quality a leader can have right now.

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