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Working from Home is not an Impossible Feat

Some see a commute to an office every day as a slog. For them, suddenly working from home is a dream.

For others, the commute to the office lends a sense of routine and normalcy. These folks are not excited about sheltering in place, or even just making a sensible decision to stay at home for now.

The candidates and clients I work with are all wondering how the transition to more working at home is going to go.

Jason Fried, Co-Founder and President of Basecamp and an expert on work, emphasizes how important it is to normalize. That means sticking with a daily routine, getting dressed every day, and really showing up for work.

Carving out both a mental and physical space for work is key. Rather than answering emails on the couch, stick to your stand-up desk. Designate work clothes versus “home clothes.” Choose a special mug that you only use “at work.”

Fried calls it “demarcating the difference between work and play.” He has two sets of slippers, for instance, one for work, and one for home — even though technically, these are the same place.

Working from home may be a paradigm shift for you, and it might be a rocky one. But humans are inherently adaptable.

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