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Video Interviewing Tips

With the COVID-19 Pandemic evolving, more than likely video interviewing will become the norm.

10 Tips to Help You Nail Your Video Interview

1 - Pick the right location. Conduct your interview in a quiet, private, well-lit place where it is unlikely you’ll be interrupted. Position your webcam so the background is neutral and free of distractions.

2 - Make sure your internet connection is stable. Take a minute to check the internet at your chosen location – it should be at least 1 megabit per second.

3 - Check your computer’s audio. Test your microphone and make sure your speakers are working. You don’t want the interview derailed by malfunctioning audio.

4 - Test your computer’s webcam. Just because it worked a month ago, doesn’t mean it is still functioning properly. Make sure your interviewer can see you!

5 - Close any unnecessary browser windows and applications. Don’t tempt yourself with distractions and avoid the possibility of pop-up notifications.

6 - Pick the right outfit. Dress professionally and avoid bright colors. As with in person interviews, your outfit should reflect the job you want.

7 - Bring a pen, some paper, and a copy of your resume. Be ready to copy down important information and refer to past experiences in detail.

8 - Nod and smile. Don’t forget conversational pleasantries just because it’s a video call. Your body language should communicate that you are listening.

9 - Use your hands. Don’t be afraid to “think out loud” with hand gestures. This can keep the call from feeling awkward or stilted.

10 - Place your phone on silent mode. There’s nothing more distracting than the sound of a text-message notification. Put it on silent. (Or better yet – turn it off!)

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