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This Too Shall Pass

Dear Candidates,

These are strange times, are they not? We’re all operating under a heightened level of anxiety and stress. There’s plenty of uncertainty ahead. And “business as usual” seems to have gotten turned on its head.

Depending on how long you’ve been around for, you may remember some absolutely crazy times in history. 9/11. The AIDS crisis. The Cold War. But COVID-19 is certainly one of the most intense times we’ve endured.

People are anxious and uncertain, and they’re scrambling to stay informed. But amidst all the information flying around the internet and TV — some of it important, some of it untrue and all of it changing daily — there’s one abiding truth:

This too shall pass.

At the very least, I hope this newsletter will help give you focus, direction and hope.

Conference calls in the age of COVID-19

There used to be a certain protocol to taking conference calls while working from home. You’d set up your laptop in a quiet corner, put on a nice shirt or some earrings, and pretend you had pants on.

In these days of working from home while trying to homeschool your quarantined kids, things are a little different. You’re on an important video call in the kitchen, and your kids are six feet away. Best case scenario, they only interrupt your call a few times.

We’re all adjusting to this new reality of balancing 24/7 family time with remote work. I talk to clients every day here at Makena Tech Solutions and am really hearing their stress.

The new rules of conference calling look something like this:

1.Don’t worry if kids are making noise in the background of your conference call. Everyone gets it. The mute button is your friend.

2.If you need to take a quick break to find some pipe cleaners or settle a dispute over the stapler, your colleagues get it.

3.And if you have to say “no” to a call — even last minute — you get a little more slack than usual.

Remember, we’re all in this together!

One way to carve out some self-care time

“Jodi, it’s noon and I have not had a sip of water yet today.” A client admitted this to me the other day, and I felt it deeply.

When we’re working remotely, shouldn’t it be easier to take care of ourselves? We have our own kitchen at our disposal and should have way more time — especially without a commute or social obligations to attend.

Yet, for a lot of people I talk to, the stress, chaos and confusion of these times are making it much harder to practice self-care. As we struggle to juggle homeschooling, set up a home office and figure out why this Zoom connection isn’t working, self-care goes by the wayside. Not to mention that our family is always home.

One thing that’s worked for me is having a place set aside in our home for “quiet time.” We put signs up on the door that let everyone know, if the door is closed, please don’t come in.

You may not have the space for a “quiet time room.” You might instead create an “alone time corner” or a “peace-out chair.”

Carving out this simple space for down time is making a big difference to me and my family. Let me know how it goes with yours!

How to fine tune your job search from home

“Jodi, am I crazy to be looking for a job right now?”

This might seem to be a weird time to be looking for a job. A lot of industries and companies are in flux as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Anxieties are running high and uncertainty is rampant.

But as I can attest through my recruiter lens, there are certainly plenty of people looking for jobs, and lots of companies hiring. You can’t assume hiring is on hold while we all navigate this time in history.

Here are a few tips for moving forward with your job search:

1.Know that any interviews will most likely be video or phone calls. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook to make a first impression. Do a little research into how to keep video calls professional so you come across as a person who reacts well under pressure.

2.Use your time at home to take online skills courses and polish your resume and LinkedIn profile.

3.Practice patience. Ultimately, this may turn out to be your superpower.

Eventually, #covid19 will pass, and whether you’ve found the right job yet or not, you’ll undoubtedly be in a better place to look.

Looking ahead

Let me reiterate, this too shall pass! And when it does, I look forward to our continued relationship together.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!

Jodi, CEO

Makena Tech Solutions dba Makena Staffing

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