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Feeling Less Stressed during and after the Holiday season

Depending on your attitude and your tolerance for stress, this time of year might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside… or on the brink of a full-scale holiday meltdown.

Regardless of what’s causing your angst this month, the focus of this newsletter is on finding ways to keep calm and carry on into the new year with a refreshed outlook and inspired mindset.

Put down that half-empty glass of water

Are you a glass-half-empty person? Or glass-half-full? Have you ever considered just putting the glass down?

Imagine that proverbial glass of water. Pick it up for a minute, and it feels pretty light. Try to hold it for a few hours, and your arm will get tired. You might even lose some circulation. Stress is like that. Cling to your worries nonstop, and you’ll get awfully tired — even a bit numb. Of course, as most of us know, it’s easy to say “Stop stressing!” and almost impossible to actually do that.

Finding ways to step away from your stress periodically — to “put the glass of water down” and take a time out from your worries — can really energize you. That might mean the occasional massage on your lunch break, or night out with friends, or a rom-com or action-adventure matinee right in the middle of your day.

Point is, it doesn’t really matter if the glass of water is full or empty. Just leave it in the other room and forget about it for a while!

Let someone else do your dirty work for you

People either love or hate to negotiate. Where do you fall on that divide?

I work with candidates every day, and I can assure you that most of them are on the “hate” side. Here are some things they’d rather do than haggle over hiring details:

1.Eat glitter for breakfast

2.Relive middle school

3.Listen to Baby Shark all day on repeat

Passing the buck on negotiation is one of the benefits of working with a recruiter to find your next job. Impartial but invested, we can help set accurate expectations on both sides, and understand the needs of both parties.

If embarking upon a search for a new job is on your list for 2020, let’s connect.

Figure out exactly how much you’re worth

It’s an interesting phenomenon that often, the people in a job have very little insight into the going market rate for what they do. Sure, you can check in with U.S. Labor Dept. stats, but they’re very general and may not be specific to your exact role or region.

On the other hand, a recruiter (like me) has information on your market and a grasp on what others like you make. If you’re curious to check in on whether your pay rate is the right, give me a call.

Having an accurate idea of what your worth will help you plan your long-term career goals. As we transition into a new decade, it’s an excellent time to look ahead.

Have a spectacular new year, and let me know if you’d like to chat in 2020 about ways we can make this decade the most successful of your career so far!

Jodi 1-833-MAKENA5

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