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Ghosting just isn’t for personal relationships and social media sites, it happens in recruiting too. Phone screens missed, texts unanswered and MIA for F2F interviews. Just like personal relationships, it hurts to the core. The time devoted in sourcing, qualifying, follow-up and engagement, all for not, oh the HORROR!

Let’s think back…

Did we SHOW THE LOVE and RESPECT the candidate?

That qualifying call, shouldn’t be like a list of Q&A’s, work it like a real conversation. Let them know you are interested in them, their career trajectory and if the opportunity is going to be a good fit for them or not. Be clear of the process and expectations, so they begin to feel like the relationship and investment of time is evolving into a positive experience.

Remember that “DO UNTO OTHERS” saying?

If you’re going to qualify and submit someone, it’s important to let them know the outcome. Simple. Especially in a long hiring process, make that check in call every few days to keep them engaged.

Don’t ASS U ME, “you had me at Offer”

It’s still likely you can be ghosted at the offer stage. If you’ve done your job, you know what the candidate needs to cement this deal, so you can be their advocate during this critical process. Have your candidate and market intel ready to communicate to the hiring manager and/or HR exec to get this offer “right”.

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