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3 Tips for Effective Communication with your WFH teams

Holy Moly! 2020 had some drastic changes at times and 2021 is coming in strong so far. One of the many drastic changes was remote work, and is one of the most relevant evolutions we have experienced. With employees being sent home to do their jobs, the dynamic in which they interact with their employers is very different now and this poses several challenges.

The most relevant thing to consider is that your WFH team are not going to be closely monitored by anyone during their work hours, but this has proven to allow for more productivity if done right.

The following tips will help you achieve optimal communication with your remote workers.

Schedule quick meetings several times a day

Virtual meetings are easier than ever before and you can conduct these meetings with several employees at once if required. Make sure that you schedule at least a couple of quick meetings during the day.

Be mindful of your typing interactions

One of the hardest things for people is the process of learning to communicate without being face to face with others. When employees are working remotely, the bulk of your interactions with them are going to happen through chat systems such as Slack, WhatsApp or FB messenger. The problem is that we tend to type words in ways that could easily be misinterpreted due to tone and assumptions. The best way to handle this is to learn to use exclamation and also emoticons or emoji to convey that you are feeling a certain way and this can help clear any confusion.

Set an office schedule

You could give your employees a specific schedule that requires their full attention to their job. This is easy to achieve by setting lunchtime and specific work hours with breaks.

A way to monitor this is by telling your employees to always be on the lookout for video conference calls during work hours. This is also going to allow you to randomly call to see if they are working and not distracted doing something else at home.

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